Pull a Pint

Join in as a bar volunteer and you will help your club to continue to thrive as we are always needing new bar staff. Without people behind the bar there would be no Social Club

Bar Volunteers

As you know the club is run on a volunteer basis to keep the price of drinks down. 
If you enjoy a friendly time in the Social Club, then there needs to be someone to act as the host and welcome members to the bar.If you would like to see if you would enjoy taking your turn with others to be behind the bar instead of in front, then we would like to welcome you to ‘Pull a Pint’.Come and have a go at pulling a pint on Tuesday 9th July at 7pm for a taster
session on bar work.

The drink you prepare will be free to you. If you then want to continue to be part of a vibrant successful club, further training will be arranged. Support will be given by an experienced bar volunteer.

When ‘on duty’, bar staff are entitled to three free drinks per shift. You will share in the banter and the convivial atmosphere. This is at risk if no one was available to run the bar. The club would have to be closed that day and maybe many more days.

Please think about having a go at ‘Pulling a Pint’.Tuesday 9th July at 7pm.No need to book just turn up.If you cannot make this date, please contact Malcolm 07860739589 to arrange an alternative date.Malcolm Hutt – Club Chairman

Open Mic Night Thursday 18th July at the Social Club

Want to hear great music or make great music? Be at the Social Club on Thursday 18th July from 8pm.

What is it?

An open mic is a live show at which audience members who are amateur or professional may perform on stage, often for the first time, or to promote an upcoming performance.

Come along at really enjoy yourselves.

On the third Thursday of every month. The Session starts from 8pm to 11pm

Non-members 50p signed in by a Member. Everyone welcome to apply for membership.


We want everyone to know all the ins and outs of your Club. We will be introducing a newsletter soon and we ask you for your comments please.

Please use the comment button below to give us ideas of what you want to know about or what you want your Club to arrange.